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RC Church Couldn't Help this Homosexual (from

John Blair Linn discovered that despite Christian doctrine, the RC Church
has tacitly embraced homosexuality and can't help gays struggling to
return to heterosexuality. The church conversion class was a meat market...MORE

Here is a famous story that happened this year. A devout Catholic Priest rightfully refused to give the Blessed Sacrament to a Lesbian at her mother's funeral. But the lesbian was not a Catholic, and she brought her partner and flaunted her lesbianism deliberately. The priest was condemned by his archdiocese and stripped of his priestly faculties.

This book explains what happened:
Goodbye, Good Men: How Liberals Brought Corruption into the Catholic Church

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Best Advice: Repent Now before Illuminati in Total Control

This is what the Roman Catholic Church Militant should be telling Catholics today IMHO:

·  People must recognize that we are in a Spiritual Battle the likes of which has never before been seen on earth.[1] The evil Illuminati Cult definitely exists, increasingly controls the world and Satan controls the Illuminati.[2] The cure is Spiritual-->mass revival, repentance and atonement for sin is desperately needed. There must be a turning away from Satan and all his evil works. People must beg the Lord Jesus Christ for mercy and ask that He equip us with the full armor of God.
· The Illuminati worship Lucifer/Satan; The New World Order (NWO) is Luciferian to the core. The Illuminati engage in Human Ritualistic Sacrifice, often involving children. The Illuminati are mass murderers.
· The Illuminati routinely engage in the sexual abuse of children and adolescents some of whom are subjected to torture and Monarch Mind Control techniques resulting in their becoming sex slaves.[3]
· The Illuminati are trying to depopulate the earth of human beings through the use of multiple technologies including a massive global aerosol nano-particulate spraying program (Chemtrails) which is poisoning the atmosphere with toxic metals, biological and other agents which cause disease and death of humans and all living things.[4]
· The Illuminati have access to advanced Tesla-type technology (e.g. HAARP)[5] which allows them to control and weaponize weather, and produce earthquakes[6], tornadoes, hurricanes and other “natural” occurrences at will. This can result in severe droughts, floods, crop failures and famines.
· The Illuminati are responsible for global contamination of the atmosphere, land and water with radioactive fallout from multiple sources including; depleted uranium munitions (DU) utilized in multiple regional conflicts and wars, massive ongoing emissions from as yet uncontrolled and untreated nuclear reactors at least 3 of which and probably more are in full melt-down condition at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant site in Japan.[7]
· The Illuminati are attempting to use “mind control” technology to enslave the human race for use in the service of their god Lucifer. Advanced microwave technology is being utilized to accomplish this.[8]
· Modern Judaism is Satanic and in league with the Illuminati as is Freemasonry.[9] The Talmud which modern Jewry follows teaches the diametric opposite of the Torah which the ancient Israelites faithfully followed. The Talmud along with the Cabala is completely evil. The Talmud Blasphemes against the Lord Jesus Christ and all who follow it are Blasphemers!
· The Russian Revolution was caused by the Illuminati with the assistance of Zionist/Rothschild Jews[10]-->Luciferian/Satanists as part of a one-world government program referred to as the New World Order (NWO).
· The Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portugal called for a Papal consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart together with all the Bishops in the world in order to avoid a major global chastisement.[11] It was never done as requested. It must be accomplished now to save the people of the earth from massive death and destruction! Millions must ask our Blessed Mother for help in this terrible time of trouble.
· There is a great deal of evidence that the Third Secret of Fatima referred to the Great Apostasy of the Priests, Bishops and Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church (satanic infiltration of the hierarchy of the Church) [12] including the epidemic of sexual perversion among the Episcopacy[13] which has been documented in the past several decades since the close of the Second Vatican Council. The Third Secret was to be revealed no later than1960 by order of Our Lady, which would have been prior to the start of Vatican II and in time to prevent the calling of the Second Vatican Council or its degeneration into a neo-Modernist [Satanic] Cabal). Multiple Popes including Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI have refused to publicly reveal this message from the Mother of God and all have refused to consecrate Russia specifically to her immaculate heart together at one time with all the Bishops of the world. As predicted by Our Lady, the errors of Russian atheism (Satanism) have now been spread throughout the world and the entire globe is in severe distress. The result has been that the Illuminati now have control of the world in all but name only.
· If the results of Vatican II are judged by the fruits it produced it represents a vile abomination of Roman Catholic Faith and Praxis. It must be remembered that Christians are taught to judge a thing by its fruits.[14] It is difficult to name one positive development in the wake of the Second Vatican Council. Rather, it has resulted in unspeakable evil and should be radically corrected or rescinded. It is no longer possible in light of the state of the world and the condition of the Church Militant to be diplomatic. We are under constant satanic attack from without and within.
· The best antidote to the Illuminati’s satanic programs currently being used to destroy humanity and all life on earth is a mass revival of faith in Jesus Christ that is, conversion of non-believers and a return to the faith of those who have fallen away. All believers must pray constantly to the Triune God, to Blessed Mary ever Virgin, all the angels and saints. Let us also once again as we did routinely at the close of each Latin Mass prior to the introduction of the Novus Ordo Missae[15] (New Order of the Mass), ask Michael the Archangel to protect us in battle against Satan and his minions, all through the power and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, King of Glory, forever and ever Amen.

[1] E.g., Matthew 24: 4-14, 23-26; Luke 21: 8-16, 25-26.
[2] Henry Makow, PhD., Illuminati: The Cult that Hijacked the World, (Winnipeg, MB: Silas Green, 2002); Henry Makow, PhD., Illuminati 2: Deceit and Seduction, (Winnipeg, MB: Silas Green, 2010).
[3] Makow, Illuminati, 77-80.
[4] See: What in the World are they spraying? Also see: Why in the World are they spraying?;   Expert: Chemtrails are global covert operation for total control, detecting UFOs,; Clifford Carnicom: “the covert aerosol-spraying operation has transformed the Earth’s atmosphere into a plasma for carrying out weaponized applications such as bio-warfare (including Morgellons disease), electromagnetic operations such as HAARP, weather warfare, tectonic (earthquake) warfare, mind control, advanced surveillance technology, and detection of advanced propulsion technology..”
[6] Scientist: Japan earthquake, nuke “accident” are tectonic nuclear warfare,
[9] Makow, Illuminati, pp. 113-127.
[10] Ibid, pp. 52-55
[11] See The Devil’s Final Battle, (Edited and Compiled by Father Paul Kramer), How the Current Rejection of the Message of Fatima causes the Present Crisis in the Church and the World, First Edition (Buffalo, N.Y.: Good Counsel Publications for The Missionary Association, 2002,  pp. 5-14, The Blessed Virgin Mary appearing as Our Lady of Fatima indicated that her son Jesus Christ required a response to the horrible affront by satanic forces on earth that arranged for Russia to formally adopt atheistic communism, which really reduced to its acceptance and promulgation of Satanism. The world-wide consecration was the visible response that Jesus Christ selected. The Vatican hierarchy refused having already been infiltrated by Satanists.
[12] The Devil’s Final Battle, pp. 27-36; Makow, Illuminati 2, pp.40-43; See also Piers Compton, The Broken Cross, 1981.
[14] Proverbs 20: 11; Matthew 7:16, 7:20, 12:33; Luke 6:43-44.
[15] See; The Mass of Pope St. Pius V, often known simply as the Latin Mass, was promulgated on July 14, 1570, through the apostolic constitution Quo Primum, which standardized and permanently established the traditional Latin Rite Mass as the official Mass of the Roman Catholic Church. That Mass was never to be altered by order of Pope St. Pius V.  It was replaced by the Mass of Pope Paul VI in 1969 which represented a radical departure from the traditional Latin Mass placing in its stead a Cramnerian (Protestant) communal meal service.

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The Illuminati and the “Big Picture”

                 The NWO and the Final Conquest of Humanity

           In light of the increasing distress being experienced throughout the world, how can we explain the diabolically evil things happening all over the earth? What if there is only one reasonable answer? What if it is really true that there is a totally evil non-physical (spiritual) being that is controlling the most powerful people on this planet?[1] What if that being wants to be worshipped by every living human being? What if its goal is to totally destroy the earth and all living things including human beings?  In virtually any other time, these questions might have seemed ridiculous, but not anymore.[2] 

        Would it surprise you to know that there is such a being known as Lucifer[3] the "light-bearer” that some of you refer to as Satan? For those of you who do not know, Lucifer was the most powerful (fallen) angel that Sacred Scripture says was thrown out of heaven along with 1/3 of the other created angelic beings for staging an insurrection against the Creator God.[4]

        Since the dawn of human beings on this planet, Lucifer/Satan has been bribing humans with wealth, power, sex and fame in order to gain control of the earth. The most powerful human elites who worship Lucifer are now under complete control and belong to an organization referred to as the Illuminati.[5] It exists to enslave all of humanity; the portion that is not killed outright, that is.

        The top human level of the Illuminati is made up of powerful international “investment” bankers[6], (“money is the root of all evil” the scripture teaches[7]). It now appears they have been given their orders to implode the global fiat (non-precious metals) based currency system. The central banks are in the process of doing so by massive money creation (“out of thin air” in what is by analogy “Creation ex Nihilo” the way in which God created the Universe out of nothing). This will drive prices of goods and services massively higher as the currency is radically debased. Tens of millions of people will die of starvation, lack of medical care and shelter. This is what the Illuminati desire—to kill-off up to 6 billion human beings while enslaving the rest.[8]
        The Illuminati also make use of the military might and intelligence services of many nations in order to accomplish their dastardly goals.  In order to do this most efficiently, the Illuminati retain control of the global finance/monetary system as well as deriving huge sums of money from illicit drug trafficking.  This provides a great deal of money with which to conduct multiple clandestine programs, all with the goal of killing or enslaving as many human beings as possible. Worse yet, the world leaders of powerful nations are but “puppets”, marionettes or shills for the Illuminati top-tier.

        The human members of the high ranking Illuminati are foolish enough to think they will rule with Satan and not eventually be sacrificed.[9] They will be shocked when they are led to the slaughter along with the rest of mankind. Satan wants no human beings left on earth. That may seem hard for you to believe but that’s the truth about why Satan wants to cull the earth of human beings.
Satan’s goal is to totally destroy the human race[10]; first, because he is jealous of and detests human beings and second, to ensure Jesus Christ will have no reason to physically return to the earth, (Christ’s return will result in the devil being thrown into the eternal “Lake of Fire”)[11].  Satan’s time of ruling the earth is over when Jesus Christ returns in glory to judge the nations for all the evil they have done. Only then, will evil be vanquished and justice served.[12]
        Satan is a consummate deceiver whose greatest ability is deception, to make evil appear good and good appear evil. He uses this ability to corrupt human beings in such a way that they are willing to cause massive destruction and death. Contemporary life is rife with examples of this satanic inversion of good vs.: evil e.g. peace through war, order out of chaos (neoconservative mantra), abuse becomes love, sexual aberration becomes normalized etc. Inherent in all of these is a complete attack on the created realm as God originally rendered it.
        It is vital to make clear that Satan has attempted to destroy or extinguish the Natural (Moral) Law as a controlling or inhibiting force in society. This has largely succeeded. Western Culture in particular is almost completely paganized. Do not be fooled into thinking that this is acceptable or normal. It is detestable and will be punished.
        What few people realize is that Satan has waited centuries for just this moment in time. Human science and technology have advanced to the point where the anti-christ will be able to credibly perform his “lying signs and wonders” as predicted by Jesus Christ.[13]  Project “Blue-Beam”[14] is an example of how the Illuminati might be able to assist the anti-christ in accomplishing his miraculous appearing feats.

        Many of you will vehemently resist this explanation. Whether you want to believe that there is a God and a devil is really immaterial. The elites who are in control of this planet and who take orders from Satan believe in god but they think Lucifer/Satan is god. They are under a strong delusion[15], the result of literally selling their souls to the devil. If you wish to understand what is happening to you, recognize that the earth is currently under the control of a non-physical that is, spiritual being who is the source of unspeakable evil. The most elite members of global society worship this entity and carry out orders extremely faithfully, including ceremonial human sacrifices, often of children. No other explanation is capable of explaining so completely all of the horrible things that are transpiring globally; wars everywhere, torture, rape, pedophilia, bestiality, famines, droughts, “natural” disasters, massive global debt, etc.

        What would you do if you began to suspect that a malevolent personal being of immense power had gained control of the earth and most of the top human members of society? Would you simply sit back and wait to be killed or enslaved? Would you conduct your life any differently? Better yet, would you try to determine the truth and act upon it once you found it? These are important questions that deserve to be answered, questions that each of you must answer for yourselves. Now is the time to decide before it is too late. Why not research the issue for yourself and decide? You have nothing to lose but your time and potentially everything to gain. You will need to know the truth in order to act accordingly when the time comes to make your final decision; it must either be for Satan or for the creator God of the universe. To remain indecisive is really to support evil. Evil must not be allowed to exist or flourish unopposed. God will punish evil doers and reward those who choose truth and goodness.[16] This will require action and deed not simply an ascent of faith.[17] Don’t take too long though because time is probably shorter than you think![18]

[1] What some might term a being with supra or inter-dimensional (beyond the 3 dimensions of space and 1 dimension of time that we understand as making up observable physical reality in the language of contemporary physics) characteristics who is the personification of evil. Mono-Theists particularly orthodox Christians understand that being as Lucifer or Satan, a powerful fallen angel that has great power over the earth.
[2] People who are capable of discernment are increasingly recognizing that something horrible is transpiring on earth. One of the most distressing is that the atmosphere has been radically altered by aerosolized nano-particulates of various metals, bacteria, viruses, human red and white blood cell components among other constituents many of which are toxic to all living things. The Chemtrail phenomenon is responsible for this reality. Millions of human beings are becoming ill as a result and not an insignificant number have probably already died. Exact numbers are difficult to obtain given the virtual total denial by world governments that a massive global spraying program has been underway for over 10 years.
[3] Also referred to as the “shining one”, “morning star”, see Isaiah 14: 12-13, “How are you fallen from heaven, O Day Star, son of Dawn!  How are you cut down to the ground, you who laid the nations low? You who said in your heart, I will ascend to heaven; above the stars of God, I will set my throne on high…”
[4] E.g. Isa. 14:12-15, Luke 10:18, Revelation 12: 7-9.
[5] Centuries ago, a powerful group of human beings that we now know as the Illuminati arose and came under the control of Lucifer/Satan and have been actively engaged in attempting to control and destroy humanity with the assistance of Satan’s interdimensional/supernatural powers. The Illuminati are actively engaged in accomplishing the complete take-over of planet earth. This process is very far along.  
[6] Including various European royalties, the Rothschild intergenerational banking family, the Rockefeller’s, Schiff’s and numerous others.
[7] 1Timothy 6: 10. Moreover, it should not be surprising that Satan has used money as the ultimate carrot by which to control the most powerful human members of the Illuminati.  Many of these human beings are some of the most powerful banking families and their descendants.
[8] They have made this abundantly clear through the speeches, comments and writings of their many surrogates.
[9] The lower members have no idea that they serve Satan according to members who have broken away and become Christians.
[10] Whether by outright murder or by their efforts at trans-humanism; see this for more on terra-forming the earth and trans-humanism,
[11] Revelation 20: 10
[12] Jeremiah 9: 23, 24; Luke 4: 18, 19.
[13] Matthew 24: 24; 2 Thessalonians 2: 9-10; Revelation 13: 14.
[14] NASA Project Blue Beam’s capabilities can be read about here,
[15] 2 Thessalonians 2: 1-12, especially 11. Verses 1-12 provide an excellent description of the situation at the time of the appearance of the anti-christ.
[16] Matthew  6: 19-21, 7: 12, 19: 27-29,  20: 9-16, 25: 1-10, 14-21, 34-36; Mark 10: 29-30; Luke 12: 42-44,19: 16-19.
[17] John 14: 12, 15, 21, 23.
[18] Matthew 24: 4-8; Luke 21: 8-11. It would appear from a review of relevant Sacred Scripture that nothing further must occur prior to the appearance of the anti-christ on the world stage.  Obviously, there is no-one but the triune Godhead who knows for sure.

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JPII Beatification Gets Green-Light

By: Rocco Palmo
Whispers in the Loggia
January 12, 2011

(SVILUPPO: The miracle decree formally accepted by Pope Benedict on 14 January, John Paul II will be beatified on May 1st.) As expected, the decree for the beatification of Venerable John Paul II has been published as of Friday January 14, 2011.

In a development that promises to spark intense reactions across the ecclesial spectrum, Italian reports this morning declare that, nearly six years since his last hospitalization began, Pope John Paul II's path to beatification has cleared its final hurdle.

Under the headline, "The cardinals OK the miracle, Wojtyla will be beatified," the most reliable of vaticanisti -- Andrea Tornielli of Il Giornale -- revealed that the cardinal-members of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints voted yesterday to affirm the finding of the dicastery's medical board that no natural explanation could be found for the healing of a French nun from Parkinson's disease, the same condition which ravaged the Polish Pope in the final act of his monumental 27-year reign. (editor's NOTE: I personally would like to evaluate the Medical evidence that was submitted in support of the miraculous healing of the French nun. In addition to the reservations expressed below, I note that John Paul II was unable to cast out the demon(s) from the allegedly possessed woman whom he encountered while he still lived. In light of his many heterodox teachings and blatently non-Roman Catholic actions it is virtually impossible to believe that he could ever be raised to legitimate sainthood).

With the miracle approved, all that remains is for Pope Benedict to accept the conclusion -- something which would normally take place in a routine private audience with the prefect of the Congregation, Cardinal Angelo Amato, which could occur within days. Preparations would then begin in earnest for what will inevitably end up being the Vatican's biggest gathering since the late pontiff's 2005 funeral, which drew 5 million people to Rome; according to Tornielli, the formal beatification rites could take place in the fall, with 16 October -- the anniversary of John Paul's 1978 election (and, conveniently, a Sunday this year) -- cited as the most likely date.

Thanks in part to the waiving of the traditional "five-year rule" to open the cause on the part of the then newly-elected Benedict XVI, the process bringing the church's greatest saintmaker in history to the penultimate step to sainthood in his own right has reached the milestone with a speed matched by but one other figure: Mother Teresa of Calcutta -- of course, celebrated in life as a saint -- who was raised to the altars by John Paul six years after her 1997 death, but whose required miracle for canonization remains pending.

As other high-profile processes go, it took the cause of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina -- a figure whose devotion among Italians has been measured as surpassing that of Jesus Himself -- 32 years to reach his 2000 beatification; the founder of Opus Dei, now St Jose Maria Escriva, was beatified 17 years after his 1997 death. In earlier times, two exceedingly-popular, eventually-canonized figures of the first half of the 20th century, the Italian virgin-martyr Maria Goretti and the French Carmelite mystic Therese of Lisieux (the beloved "Little Flower") were respectively beatified 45 and 27 years after they died.

All that said, indications over the last month that the medical examination of the Wojtyla miracle had cleared the scrutiny of the sainthood office -- a probe that comes complete with the traditional "Devil's Advocate" -- have, in some quarters, seen a renewed focus on controversial aspects of John Paul's pontificate.

Albeit dwarfed by his enduring worldwide cult, exponents of a protest have focused on what the late Pope knew about matters ranging from the Vatican Bank's handling of the 1982 Banco Ambrosiano scandal to the sexual abuse crisis that erupted over the course of his three decades as the 264th Roman pontiff. In particular, the latter thread has drawn an outcry in light of John Paul's prominent favor for the late founder of the Legionaries of Christ, Mexican Fr Marcial Maciel Degollado, a serial abuser who was removed from ministry after an investigation opened by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in the months before John Paul's death. Under Benedict XVI, Maciel's extensive history of sexual and financial misconduct -- which included his fathering of at least one child and, in the Holy See's posthumous judgment, "at times constitute[d] real crimes" -- saw the Legion placed under an Apostolic Visitation and then given a papally-appointed overseer with broad powers, who recently ordered all traces of the disgraced founder to be purged from the community's public life.

While the miracle phase completes the beatification process, any overpowering concerns about John Paul's biography would have seen the cause halted at the point of the positio -- the extensive study of a candidate's life conducted by the postulator. B16's declaration of his predecessor's heroic virtue in December 2009 (alongside that of Pope Pius XII) signaled the current pontiff's acceptance of the report's conclusion that Karol Wojtyla had emitted the "odor of sanctity" in life, laying any questions to rest and allowing the process to continue on to the investigation of the reported cure.

One question that does remain open is the matter of selecting a feast day for the reported Blessed-in-waiting. As the 2 April anniversary of John Paul's death often falls within Holy Week or the Octave of Easter -- and, as such, would see the feast frequently wiped off the calendar -- it's more than likely that a different date would at least be considered, much as Blessed John XXIII is commemorated on 11 October (the opening-date of Vatican II) and Blessed John Henry Newman is now celebrated two days earlier, on the anniversary of his 1845 reception into the Catholic fold.

Even for a Pope, however, it's important to recall that -- at least, according to the classic ecclesial understanding of things -- beatification designates a figure for veneration solely in their local church, a devotion which is only supposed to extend to the wider communion on the blessed's elevation to sainthood.

Then again, having broken the rules as a matter of habit in life, perhaps John Paul's defying convention anew might just be the most fitting thing of all.

“Why do we need a new translation?”

Texas Catholic Herald, 12/21/10:
Hutton Gibson's editorial comments are [bracketed].

The most common questions regarding the new translation of the Roman Missal are: “Why do we need a new translation?” and “What is wrong with what we have?”

We could easily forget both questions; we could bring back the Mass that we had for nineteen centuries, and needed no modification or correction, nor even translation. So we don’t need a translation. And the answer to the second question is too long to fit in these eight pages.

“The Council,” writes David Wood, “called for a vernacular translation as expediently as possible to allow the faithful to enter more fully and fruitfully into the mystery of God’s love and grace made present … through the liturgy.” This is why attendance has fallen off disastrously. But this, says Wood, was a translation of a paraphrase. Of course!

ICEL mandate? Let’s consult and select from Wikipedia.

Bishops from English-speaking countries in Rome for the Second Vatican Council set up the Commission in 1963 in view of intention to implement the Council’s authorization to use more extensively the vernacular language, instead of Latin, in the liturgy.

Ref.: (Vat. II, Liturgy: 36. 1. Particular law remaining in force, the use of the Latin language is to be preserved in the Latin rites).

2. But since the use of the mother tongue, whether in the Mass, the administration of the sacraments, or other parts of the liturgy, frequently may be of great advantage to the people, the limits of its employment may be extended. This will apply in the first place to the readings and directives, and to some of the prayers and chants, according to the regulations on this matter to be laid down separately in subsequent chapters.

[This would seem to imply limitation!]

On 15 September 2003, it was formally established as a mixed commission of several bishops conferences in accordance with the Instruction Liturgiam autenticam [After forty years of paraphrase, it now has authority?]

Liturgical books that ICEL has translated include:

Liturgy of the Mass: Roman Missal as a whole, but also, before work on the whole of the Missal was completed, the Order of Mass and the Roman Calendar, the Lectionary for Mass, and supplementary publications such as the Simple Gradual, Eucharistic Prayers for Masses of Reconciliation and Eucharistic Prayers for Masses with Children.

Roman Ritual: the rites for each of the sacraments whose administration is not reserved for bishops, funerals, religious profession, etc.

Roman Pontifical: the rites of confirmation and ordination, blessing of a church and altar, consecration to a life of virginity, etc.

Liturgy of the Hours.

Ceremonial of Bishops.

Roman Martyrology(!).

The first translation of the Roman Missal that ICEL produced appeared in 1973, less than four years after the Latin original had appeared. It sought less a literal correspondence with the original as a dynamic equivalence and avoided technical terms. The result was criticized as unfaithful [Is that all?] to the original and as banal.

[Wikipedia omits that the new missal omitted the three obligatory parts of the Mass, and introduced the old heresies, Arianism and Apocatastasis.]

On 28 March 2001, the Holy See issued the Instruction Liturgiam autenticam, which included the requirement that, in translations of the liturgical texts from the official Latin originals, "the original text, insofar as possible, must be translated integrally and in the most exact manner, without omissions or additions in terms of their content, and without paraphrases or glosses. Any adaptation to the characteristics or the nature of the various vernacular languages is to be sober and discreet." In the following year, the third typical edition of the revised Roman Missal in Latin was released. These two texts made clear the need for a new official English translation of the Roman Missal, particularly because the previous one was at some points an adaptation rather than strictly a translation. … Accordingly, ICEL prepared a new English translation of the Roman Missal, the completed form of which received the approval of the Holy See in April 2010.

In most English-speaking countries, the national episcopal conference decided to put the new translation into use from the first Sunday of Advent (27 November) 2011.

[Please note that this is a new translation of the new invalid novus ordo missae of 1969 -- not of the Catholic Mass. Some day, after all validly ordained priests have died, Rome may return the real Mass.]

Wood: “Armed with several decades of [mis]translation experience and greater awareness of liturgical and Scriptural roots of the Missal texts and facing the [dire] need to make a new translation of the 2000 Missal, a new instruction … was issued in 2001 … which called for a different approach … ‘formal equivalence.’ While not being slavishly literal, each word and phrase in the original Latin is to be accounted for.” So they’ll miss the boat again!

What/Where is the Roman Catholic Church?

In light of Traditional Catholic dogma/doctrine, how should the Second Vatican Council be viewed ? Is it consistent with Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and prior Magisterial teaching?

What explains the tremendous amount of "bad fruit" which has been forthcoming since the close of the Council in 1965? “By their fruits you shall know them” (Matt. 7:16)

This site explores these questions and more in an attempt to place the Second Vatican Council in proper perspective.