Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Rhine Group and Loss of the Faith, in Europe

By: Dr. J. P. Hubert

In a recent post HERE...I discussed the fact that Bishops and Theological experts from the Rhine Valley countries effectively hijacked Vatican II. The preceding article documents that over the past several decades radical changes have taken place in Europe including the almost complete loss of Catholic Christianity and in its place the widespread adoption of atheistic secular humanism and most recently the Islamization of Europe through unprecedented in-migration of Muslims who continue to experience much higher birth rates than native Europeans. This has caused an obvious demographic "crisis" from the perspective of the non-Muslim population of Europe.

It is more than a bit ironic that the Rhine Group of European Bishops and their Periti-- who were most responsible for pushing the Second Vatican Council in the direction of Neo-Modernism--represented the very same countries where today Catholic Christianity has virtually ceased to exist. In its place two heterodox belief systems have appeared; atheistic secular humanism and Islam. These developments appear to be related in a cause/effect manner.

The same pattern has appeared throughout much of the devolved West although to a slightly lesser extent. For example, in the United States, Canada and Australia there has since the close of the Council been a very obvious secularization of society while Traditional Catholicism has experienced a severe denouement.

It is noteworthy that the Bishops of Canada and the USA were less aggressive than were the Rhine group Bishops in advocating for and embracing Neo-Modernism and rejecting orthodoxy. While Islamization has occurred in these nations it has been to a lesser extent than that which has transpired in Europe. What seems intuitively obvious and over time virtually incontestable is; the degree to which nations reject the Traditional Catholic Faith in exchange for accepting Neo-Modernist heresies is directly proportional to the amount of secularization and Islamization they experience. The underlying concept here is that "nature hates a vacuum."

Neo-Modernist Theological precepts are really anti-philosophies or contra-Traditional Catholic teachings which undermine the True Faith. As Catholic orthodoxy declines, other systems of thought are allowed to flourish. As Traditional Catholicism in Europe was replaced by a kind of pan-ecumenical least common denominator Protestantism which flowed directly from the Council, the landscape was being prepared for the growth of atheistic secular humanism and Islam. Both of these have more committed adherents than either the adulterated main-stream Protestant sects or the conciliar catholic church.

Some may recall that Benedict XVI decried the fact that the European Union refused in its founding documents to acknowledge its Christian roots. This is tragically comical in that Vatican II--at which he was a Theological expert--did more to insure a radically secularized Europe than virtually anything else. Surely the irony cannot be overlooked by the Neo-Modernist Joseph Ratzinger--now Benedict XVI.

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