Sunday, November 22, 2009

"And there Hearts will Grow Cold"

November 16, 2009
Missing 5-year-old Shaniya found dead
Posted: 05:06 PM ET

"...and because wickedness is multiplied, most men's love will grow cold." (Matt. 24: 12)

A missing 5-year-old whose mother was accused of offering her for sex was found dead off a heavily wooded road in a rural area Monday, ending a weeklong search.

Searchers found Shaniya Davis' body in central North Carolina but, police will not say how she died. Two people have been charged in her disappearance. Her mother, Antoinette Davis, had been charged with human trafficking and felony child abuse and Mario Andrette McNeill has been charged with first degree kidnapping. Little Shaniya was seen on surveillance being carried through an area hotel by McNeill earlier last week. Three days later, he turned himself in. However, it wasn’t until today that police finally concluded their search for the missing toddler. Unfortunately, she was not found alive as everyone had hoped.

Bradley Lockhart, Shaniya’s father, raised the little girl for years and it wasn’t until recently that he allowed the girl’s mom to take Shaniya to her home. He said that Shaniya’s mom was getting her life on track and he thought he would give her a chance to help at raising Shaniya. He now regrets that decision. Lockhart was hopeful that someone would return his daughter safely. That hope has now passed.

The only question remaining is who is responsible for killing the little girl? That’s what police are looking to find out. It is the next step in resolving this case.

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