Saturday, August 22, 2009

Traditional and Conciliar Church Compared Continued

Some readers assert that the differences between the Traditional Roman Catholic Church and the conciliar church just don't seem that great. One suspects that such a view is only possible for someone who either had no personal experience with the pre-Vatican II Catholic Church or otherwise has extremely limited knowledge of it.

In an attempt to compare and contrast some of the more obvious differences I produced this list. There are many more which could be included. I encourage readers to add to what is found here--construct your own and try to somehow without abandoning first principles and logic to account for the contradictions. After each number the traditional feature is to the left while the corresponding conciliar feature is found to the immediate right.

--Dr. J. P. Hubert

1.) Theocentric/ Anthropocentric
2.) Latin Language Mass/ Vernacular Language "Mass"
3.) Traditional Mass (St. Pius V)/ Novus Ordo Missae
4.) Traditional Morality/ Moral Depravity
5.) Heterosexual Priesthood/ Homosexual Priesthood
6.) No Divorce/Re-Marriage/ Annulments/Remarriage Common
7.) Traditional Scriptural Exigesis/ Higher Form Criticism of Scripture
8.) Monarchical/ Democratic
9.) Highly Disciplined/ Poorly Disciplined
10.) Thomism Embraced/ Thomism Rejected, Modern Phil. Embraced
11.) Adam and Eve 2 Literal First Parents/ Polygenism Encouraged
12.) Gen. 1-12 actual human history/ Gen. 1-12 completely allegorical
13.) No Salvation Outside RCC (EENS)/ Universal Salvation,False Ecumenism
13.) Roman Catholicism Protected by State/ Religious Freedom Espoused
14.) Papal Primacy/ Collegiality Replaced Papal Primacy
15.) Formal Church Documents Precise/ Formal Church Documents Ambiguous
16.) Need for Frequent Confession Stressed/ Need for Confession Virtually Ignored
17.) Eucharistic Devotion Stressed/ Eucharistic Devotion Virtually Ignored
18.) Marian Devotion Stressed/ Marian Devotion Virtually Discouraged
19.) Missionary Activity Plentiful/ Missionary Activity Virtually Ceased

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