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Formation of a New World Order and the Anti-Christic Cabal


By: Dr. J. P. Hubert

Myriads of people throughout the world have increasingly realized that something has gone horribly wrong but few have been able to sift their way through all of the propaganda which is being promulgated by the elite ruling class.[1] In light of the tremendous amount of information available through the alternative media, it is now incontestable that a global Cabal[2] exists. This Cabal controls the so-called elite main-stream media in order to better insure their goal of world-wide domination.[3] Other investigators have copiously documented the various components of the cabal including the role played by various secret societies including the Order of Skull and Bones, the Bildeberger’s and others.[4] What follows is an attempt to explain in as simplified a way as possible what has already occurred and is currently transpiring in the geopolitical/spiritual realm--for ease of handling henceforth referred to as the New World Order (NWO). It is this writer’s contention that there is both a material and spiritual component to what the Cabal is doing to help bring about the NWO.


In order to place the current situation in proper context, some recent history must be highlighted. A paradigm shift so to speak occurred in the early 1960’s with respect to morality. It was based both in organized religion and secular society. The common theme which united the ecclesial and secular segments of society was the notion of individual liberty and personal autonomy expressed chiefly through “pleasure seeking” in general and sexual liberation[5] in particular, memorialized in the vernacular of the time as “do your own thing” and “make love not war.”[6]

Retrospective analysis seems to establish that the dual secular and ecclesial drive to bring about a new freedom for man coincides in a cause/effect and temporal way with the Second Vatican Council which began in 1962 and closed in 1965. Arguably, as a direct result of Vatican II a radical change occurred in the standards of morality world-wide. Since then the world has become a progressively more and more inhospitable place in which to live. This has been particularly acute in the so-called developed West where ostensibly the Roman Catholic Church had its greatest impact. That is not to say that prior to 1962 there were no periods in which disparate entities attempted to challenge the reigning traditional moral framework. However, never in the 1900+ years since the death of Jesus Christ has there been such a prolonged period (now almost 50 years) in which the secular powers were allowed to virtually destroy traditional morality without the Roman Catholic Church mounting a vigorous challenge/defense.

As many readers are aware, at the time of the Reformation and in the late 19th century similar attacks were made on the Roman Catholic Church and traditional morality but the Holy See e.g. The Council of Trent, Pope St. Pius V, Leo XIII, Pope St. Pius X and others responded with robust counterattacks by exposing and denouncing apostates and heretics from the one true faith. Time has demonstrated that instead of being completely eradicated, apostates and heretics including the theological Modernists simply went “underground” until a later more propitious time when they re-emerged as the Neo-Modernist--Periti who essentially hijacked the Roman Catholic Church through their influence over the Papal conclave which elected Pope John XXIII and the Second Vatican Council that he initiated.[7] Since then we have seen a self-induced immolation of the Roman Catholic faith virtually world-wide with a corresponding global increase in immoral behavior both on the personal and corporate levels.[8] The changes have been so radical that anyone who practiced the Traditional Roman Catholic faith (and died prior to 1960) would not only be unable to recognize the “Roman Catholic Church” of today but would be dumbfounded by what is now considered morally acceptable behavior by most of the world’s people.

Increasing Moral Depravity:

Some may ascribe various other causes to what has become an easily recognizable degradation in personal and public moral behavior but the fullest and most concise explanation is that the Roman Catholic Church in failing to uphold traditional morality has allowed a kind of radical moral anarchy to replace traditional Christian morality as the reigning immoral philosophy worldwide. Sacred Scripture alludes to the important role that the Holy Spirit has in restraining the demonic forces of evil which exist in the world. In the past--that restraint has been primarily effected through the Roman Catholic Church—the Body of Christ on earth. It is undeniable that as traditional morality has been progressively undermined over the past 50 years, there has been a gradual increase in the total amount of evil being perpetrated world-wide. This is not simply the result of an increase in the population of the earth. It reflects a true coarsening in the attitudes of a large majority of the world’s people. Abominating practices and crimes are documented daily which only 2 generations ago were unheard of.[9]

A cursory perusal of the daily headlines quickly demonstrates a virtual plethora of demonically inspired evil practices and events including “wars, rumors of wars, death, destruction, wholesale carnage on almost unheard of levels and a degree of personal (sexual) aberrant behavior which would make Sodom and Gomorrah blush. A whole “cottage industry” of cable television shows” has arisen by which entertainment mogul’s profit nightly from an endless display of immorality. The internet and related technologies have made pornography available to hundreds of millions of people world-wide in the privacy of their own homes. In all of this the “prince of the power of the air” has exponentially increased his ability to corrupt humanity. With virtual human holograms said to be close to being market ready for mass consumption, the entire situation begins to resemble the “lying signs and wonders” prophesied in Sacred Scripture which all Christians throughout the ages have been informed to be on the watch for.

Clearly, there are other subordinate causes than the implosion of the Traditional Roman Catholic Church which contribute to the destruction of traditional morality but they have been unified and assisted in their efforts by a total abdication in presenting and maintaining traditional moral precepts on the part of Roman Catholicism. In essence, the Enlightenment Project has largely been completed; that of replacing Roman Catholic Christianity with a new “religion of man” as an “end” largely through the use of the sexual revolution as a “means”. As such, Christianity as a world-wide organizing system or worldview has been marginalized and replaced by the secular NWO.

Loss of Tridentine Latin Mass/Appearance of Novus Ordo Missae:

Only after 1965 and the end of the Second Vatican Council was there a virtual worldwide rush to adopt the sexual libertine attitudes which began with the Enlightenment and which played such an important role in the French Revolution but were held in check until the late 1960’s. Interestingly, the Latin “Lex Orendi, Lex Credendi” (the law of prayer is the law of belief) seems to have been amply demonstrated once again. The Tridentine Latin Mass of Pope St. Pius V--made permanent through his Quo Primum Tempore was rejected in the early 1960’s and in 1969 the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass was totally replaced with the Novus Ordo Missae, a Cranmerian (Protestant) memorial (supper) service. It did not take long before the radical departure in prayer (worship or cult) was followed by an equally radical alteration in belief (creed) including morality (code). As a result the Traditional Roman Catholic Church of record has largely disappeared and in its place we find an unrecognizable (in all “3” areas of “Creed, Code and Cult”) conciliar church. The external facade of Roman Catholicism and its institutions remain but the internal supporting structure has been completely hollowed out leaving a teetering edifice which must necessarily fall of its own weight in time or be radically restored to tradition and orthodoxy.

Negative Fruits of Vatican II and the Conciliar Church:

As a direct result of the disintegration of the Traditional Roman Catholic “Creed, Code and Cult” brought about by Vatican II--there is no longer any agreement among nations or individuals about what constitutes morally acceptable personal or communal behavior.[10] The Natural (moral) Law has been abrogated and the perennial philosophy of the world’s greatest philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas abandoned by the conciliar Church. Put simply there are no moral absolutes which “tame the passions of men” other than the self-contradictory claim that no absolutes exist.[11]

As Dostoyevsky famously opined, “if God does not exist, all things are possible” meaning, everyone may do as they like or at least whatever they can “get away with.” A better definition of moral anarchy would be difficult to come by. Under these circumstances, more and more draconian laws are required to control the impassioned proclivities of the liberated—resulting in a kind of "police-state" mentality in many parts of the world. This is clearly evident in the United States which has become increasingly dictatorial, particularly in the wake of the September 11, 2001 atrocities which with the passing of time appear to have been allowed to occur through “benign” neglect or more horrifying still, perpetrated/facilitated by the Cabal in the furthering of its goal of worldwide domination.[12]

The sequence of events then is as follows. The Protestant Reformation succeeded in undermining not only the Traditional Roman Catholic form of proper worship of God but also the uniquely Catholic Christian philosophy which had been first developed by St. Augustine based on neo-Platonic principles and later by St. Thomas Aquinas who through his understanding of Aristotle, harmonized the best of Greco-Roman philosophy with orthodox Catholic Christianity, known as the Aristotelian/Thomistic synthesis.

In the wake of the Reformation, the Catholic Church mounted a vigorous counter-attack (the Counter-Reformation) through the Council of Trent which effectively buttressed Traditional Roman Catholic worship (Holy Sacrifice of the Mass) against the Protestant heresies. Unfortunately, in concert with the Reformation, the Enlightenment succeeded in undermining Catholic philosophy which was never again restored, replacing it with an array of modern (anti-philosophical) theories.

Many of these theories were contradictory but had as their one area of agreement the notion that “being” and essence or “natures” were not fixed[13] but instead are alterable through nature (Darwinian evolution) and changeable by man (psychic, social and genetic engineering). The most prevalent modern philosophy is Materialism which holds that only brute matter exists, distributed throughout the universe in constantly changing “arrangements” (apparent, not actual forms). There are no stable actual “forms” as there are in scholastic philosophy where matter (in potency and in act) plus “form” together comprise the familiar objects which make up the corporeal world. As a result, in modern philosophy “becoming” or “change” substitutes for “being.” Everything is “evolving.” The conciliar church which is entirely based on Modern philosophy is also evolving, into what--one can only surmise with trepidation. This phenomenon is apparent in everyday discourse. Politicians are continuously clamoring about change. Laws affecting almost every conceivable human behavior are being changed at an ever increasing rate of speed. “Change” is the very definition of the “cult of man.” Immutability is taken as retrograde meaning that the notion of an unchanging, immutable God is incompatible with the reigning Gestalt of the 21st century.

Repudiation of Scholastic Philosophy/Enshrinement of Modern Philosophy:

Part of the repudiation of scholastic philosophy is the rejection of the 4 (material, efficient, formal and final) modes of causality and in their place the insertion of the metaphysically weaker concept of “causation” in which ontological cause/effect relationships are understood as temporal juxtapositions only. With Bacon, Darwin, Huxley, and others, science was redefined in such a way as to include only material “causation.” Efficient, formal and final causality were relegated to philosophy and for all practical purposes completely ignored.

Material causality was replaced by the inherently weaker material causation. Before very long, scientists began assuming that everything could be explained on a materialist basis, not simply from the perspective of nature’s operations but also in terms of its ultimate metaphysical explanation. The latter of course is properly a philosophical and theological question not a scientific one, a reality which is lost on today’s philosophical naturalists who mistakenly claim that the material universe and first life created itself. Without an adequate preparation in classical/scholastic philosophy, the enormous ontological jump from non-being to being which must be explained in order to account for the material universe is simply not addressable by the scientistic materialists who espouse philosophical naturalism. Their hallowed theory lacks the requisite explanatory power to account for even the operational aspects of nature let alone the ontologically much more difficult question of the ultimate origin of material reality.[14]

An adequate understanding of scholasticism’s philosophy of nature allows one to prove the necessity of a supreme being although it lacks the specificity which is provided by Divine Revelation in further defining the nature of God that can be obtained through the philosophy of Christian religion. Philosophical Naturalism (Materialism) has no credible explanation for the material realm or its own existence for that matter since the committed Materialist must argue that his thoughts are really a temporary conglomeration of senseless matter just as everything else is that exists in the world. How the intellection required--to create a complete and organized total philosophy of life--could emerge from formless, temporary arrangements of matter is unimaginable.

In reality the crux of modern philosophy is the denial of a transcendent origin of “being” characterized by Descartes "turn to the subject"--man.[15] It falsely assumes that the material realm is self-explanatory rather than derivative which defies all practical experience in human life where everything is caused by something else. Even non-scientists understand that nothing in daily life is self-explanatory. Scientists do as well and they insist upon that factual reality in doing their scientific work. Why then should the entire material universe be self-explanatory? Presumably in order to avoid a final or first cause to whom one would then be indebted.

The modern philosophical denial of efficient, formal and final causality explains why Darwinism took hold, why Descartes’ formulation (I think therefore I am which reversed the perennial philosophy of Aristotle and St. Thomas in which being comes before thinking) held sway. Virtually every moral aberration of the modern world can be traced (philosophically) to a rejection of the perennial philosophy and the embracing of counterfeit and disparate modern philosophical assertions which due to the fallen state of mankind (original sin) have allowed a virtual moral anarchy to reign. The end result is a destructive worldview or modern philosophical “anti-system” based upon a false epistemology (theory of truth), metaphysics (theory of reality) and morality (theory of right and wrong). This is readily appreciated when one recognizes that since the time of Kant, metaphysics as a discipline has been completely ignored if not ridiculed by the academe.

The modern world behaves as if it is self-evident that only the material world exists i.e. that materialism is a-priori true and that it does not require demonstrable proof. The idea that something else of a transcendent nature exists is both theoretically and practically denied despite its having been proved philosophically through multiple means e.g. the 5 proofs for God’s existence which St. Thomas developed.[16] This presumption that nothing exists except the material helps explain why modern man is completely self-absorbed and horizontally oriented. God as the only immutable object worthy of worship is replaced by man--the constantly evolving material subject. Modern philosophy then becomes the study of the “cult of man” in the process of evolving himself as sole subject into deity. This is the very definition of the lie (you will be as gods) told to Adam and Eve by the serpent (Satan) in the Garden of Eden. Twenty-first century man has come full circle.

The popularity of Darwinism and the existence of the conciliar church are both related to a repudiation of the perennial philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas and the embracing of modern philosophy. Neither could exist without it. Darwinism is fundamentally a philosophical theory dressed in pseudo-scientific garb. The conciliar church is a heterodox aberration of the Traditional Roman Catholic Church the teachings of which are based in modern philosophical precepts. This explains why modernist and neo-modernist theologians embrace Darwinian evolution. They completely embrace modern philosophy which means they reject Thomism--the pre-eminent philosophy of the Roman Catholic Church. From there they proceed to dismantle Traditional Roman Catholicism brick by brick through the use of one bizarre modern philosophical theory after another, i.e. Historicism (Protestant higher form criticism), Mobilism (evolution), Pyrrhonism, (radical skepticism) Ecumenism (one world government/religion), Religious Liberty (French Revolutionary liberty, equality and fraternity) and so on.

Destructive Secular Developments Mirror Spiritual Disintegration:

Since the early 1960’s, a number of other very negative developments have taken place in the secular realm. Nuclear Weapons proliferation has continued almost unabated; there has been a serious reduction in the finding of new sources of energy especially fossil fuels, suggesting that “peak oil” has either been reached or is about to be. The result is increasing energy resource conflict for fewer and fewer cheap sources of energy. With each passing year, more radical changes in world climate conditions are being documented. For the past several decades, war and strife have been an almost constant reality between nations, religions and ethnic groups. Over the past 2 decades the economy of the world has become globalized meaning that virtually every country on earth is inter-related with every other in terms of finance, debt, trade, etc. The most recent world-wide financial crisis demonstrates that due to the complete integration of international markets and finance it is now possible to induce a global economic catastrophe virtually at will. In multiple and increasing ways, the building blocks of the NWO are being laid.


The following is the situation in which we now find ourselves. The magnificent Catholic (classical/scholastic) philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas has been abandoned and was replaced by modern philosophy which has destroyed the Traditional Roman Catholic Church. Its replacement--the conciliar church which destroyed the Tridentine Latin Mass--a 2000 year old authorized form of worship to be practiced in perpetuity--has become synonymous with the prevailing spirit of the modern world through its own volition.

Traditional morality has been eradicated and in its place is a non-moral secular philosophy termed Utilitarianism or Consequentialism characterized by a rabid form of personal autonomy which is pursued at the expense of the “common good.” Personal pleasure is the exclusive “end” for which virtually any “means” is justified. All morality is now subjective, situational and detached from any objective referent meaning there is no transcendent source of natural (moral) or Divine law. Just as man is assumed to be self-explanatory and self-generating rather than derivative, morality is malleable and personally determined through the process of living in a state of constant evolution. Right and wrong is something unique to each individual as they negotiate their life experiences through a process of searching and “becoming”, hence the modern adage; “I’m just trying to find myself” which describes an endless search which never arrives and never finds.

In the contemporary modern world, nothing in the realm of morality or religion is considered fixed. To claim so is to be considered a troglodyte. Man is the be-all and end-all, the pre-eminent subject who is undergoing a process of self-induced evolution to the level of deity through the use of science and technology. He is simply taking up where natural selection acting on random germ cell mutational change has left off (“you will be as gods”).

The stage would appear set for the final eschatological sequence. The adversary is now capable of harnessing the technological prowess which modern man has acquired through his detailed understanding of the operation of nature. Satan can now through severe demonic influence/possession use these natural abilities to perform incredible lying signs and wonders some of which are no doubt currently being demonstrated (virtual reality, ever more sophisticated robotic inventions, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced cyborg and chimera research, voice alteration technology, weather manipulation, advanced remote controlled air craft technology, high power electromagnetic pulse generation and enhanced surveillance techniques including powerful spy and anti-spy software applications and so on). It has become almost impossible to be certain that one is able to accurately sense material reality given the myriad of ways in which it can now be either altered or simulated. This is especially true of radio, television and the cinema.

The anti-Christic NWO is now well on its way to completion. The final Roman Empire described in biblical prophesy is being assembled. We await the appearance of the Anti-Christ and the false prophet with fear and trepidation. All the other signs which Christ described as needing to occur prior to the appearance of the man of perdition seem to be present.[17] Christ taught that his sheep would know the season even though no man could know the precise date or hour. Given the complete implosion of the once magnificent Roman Catholic Church, is it not wise to at least inquire whether we are now experiencing the “birth pains” which must precede the Great Tribulation? Is it not possible that we are living through the Apostasy foretold in Mathew 24: 3-14, Luke 18: 8, 2 Thessalonians 2: 3-4, and I Timothy 4: 1-2? Under the circumstances, it would be foolish to ignore the prospect. One does not have to possess a gift of prophesy to read the abundant signs.

Isn’t it time to adhere to the traditional Roman Catholic faith of the Apostles, the Church Father’s, the Martyr’s and the Saints? Is it wise to presume that they all were in error and that the new conciliar church (20 centuries late) is the Church of Christ? It defies probability to assume that all of these phenomena are coalescing by accident especially since Christ warned the Apostles of the significance of this time in history. Would it not be best to face up to the reality that we are battling not simply against the neo-pagans who have been seduced by modern philosophy but by ancient spiritual powers and principalities who since the beginning have warred against Christ and His Church and who appear to have gained control of the façade of the once great Roman Catholic Church on earth? Is it not more likely that the Satanic powers are using the tremendous technical and financial powers of the global elite Cabal in achieving their ends--the destruction of the human race so that Christ will have nothing for which to return? Has not the conciliar church actively aided in this perfidy?

Does not the search for the truth demand that we Traditional Roman Catholics indict the current See of Peter with a bill of particulars outlining in detail the alleged areas in which the conciliar church has been guilty of heresy or apostasy? The only conceivable reason for not doing so would be a lack of faith and courage to do our God given duty. Will we rise to this auspicious occasion or simply melt away into the coming tribulation?


[1] This is clearly apparent when one surveys the many published books and internet sites/blogs which increasingly discuss conspiracy of various types including the purported existence of certain secret societies which exert tremendous influence over world government and finance e.g. The Order of Skull and Bones, the Bildeberger’s, the Illuminati, the Group, the Freemason’s etc.
[2] The Cabal seeks to establish its domination over world resources, finance and government. The term New World Order (NOW) is sometimes used to describe the goals of the Cabal.
[3] This writer assumes that there is no formal coordination between many of the individuals and groups who make up the Cabal but that all tend to reinforce their mutual NWO goals and actions having to do with world-wide domination. For a unique and recent treatment along these lines see Phillip Darrell Collins and Paul David Collins. The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship: An Examination of Epistemic Autocracy, from the 19th to the 21st Century. (New York: i Universe Inc. 2004).
[4] See Antony Sutton’s book: America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones, (Walterville, Oregon: Trine Day, 2002) for further details.
[5] For a detailed analysis of the use of sexual libertinism as a tool of political control throughout history see E. Michael Jones. Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control, (New York: St, Augustine Press, 2000).
[6] Ironically, the sexual liberation of the 1960’s was referred to as “free love” when in reality it was “free lust” and not free at all there being many physical, emotional and spiritual costs.
[7] There was no legitimate reason for John XXIII to have called an ecumenical council as there existed at the time no pressing doctrinal dispute which needed to be clarified—the usual reason for convening a world-wide council. For a very detailed discussion of the changes which the conciliar church has made in the wake of Vatican II see: Romano Amerio. Iota Unum: A Study of Changes in the Catholic Church in the 21st Century,(translated from the 2nd Italian Edition by Fr. John P. Parsons) (Kansas City: Sarto House, 1996).
[8] What followed were precipitous reductions in the number of Priests and other Religious as well as a liberalization of contraception, divorce and abortion laws and destruction of traditional moral precepts in the realm of personal behavior including those which discouraged fornication, adultery, and homosexual acts including sodomy with a concomitant destruction of the nuclear family. There was a precipitous fall in Mass attendance which has never been reversed. In the international arena, a state of perpetual war has followed and is now accepted as the new global norm where raw power and domination rule.
[9] Fathers have murdered their entire families while they slept at night; strangers have literally removed unborn children from their mother’s wombs leaving them to die; mothers have murdered their own children simply to free themselves of their responsibilities to provide care and to be able to cavort about engaging in all manner of abhorrent practices. Sexual abuser’s have abducted myriads of children in order to rape and murder them only to discard their lifeless bodies in the trash as if they were inhuman inanimate objects. Sexually aberrant behaviors are almost too vivid to describe. Suffice it to say that sodomy, bestiality, orgies, homosexual practices involving unimaginable appliances and paraphernalia are commonplace. The examples are endless.
[10] In ages past, Western nations modeled their civic laws after the Decalogue and the Natural Law. Now virtually every one of these has rejected Natural Law based jurisprudence and in its place inserted a system based on the presumed evolving nature of human society--referred to as legal positivism (realism). The civil law in most Western countries is now based on the precepts of modern philosophy.
[11] If no absolutes exist it is logically impossible to know that no moral absolutes exist.
[12] There are many who have greatly benefited from the so-called “war on terror” which has followed in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks. Primarily it is the MMIC (Military, Media, Industrial Complex) world-wide, the energy companies and their related suppliers and subsidiaries. See David Ray Griffin’s book The New Pearl Harbor Revisited: 9/11, the Cover-up and the Expose, (Northampton, Mass.: Olive Branch Press, 2008). See also the many writings of former CIA operative Phillip Giraldi for more information on the entities which are benefiting from the growing police state/fascist aspects of the federal government including under the new Obama administration. Also see comments of whistleblower Sibel Edmonds who “worked as a language specialist for the FBI’s Washington Field Office. During her work with the bureau, she discovered and reported serious acts of security breaches, cover-ups, and intentional blocking of intelligence that had national security implications. After she reported these acts to FBI management, she was retaliated against and ultimately fired in March 2002. Since that time, court proceedings on her issues have been blocked by the assertion of 'State Secrets Privilege' by Attorney General Ashcroft, and the Congress of the United States has been gagged and prevented from any discussion of her case through retroactive re-classification issued by the Department of Justice…” More HERE…
[13] As they had been in Thomistic philosophy where they were based in the thoughts/reality of a transcendent God who willed them into being.
[14] The philosophy of nature or what was formerly referred to as Natural philosophy is able to account much better for the operational aspects of the material world by reference to the “4” causes of Aristotle/Aquinas, including the difference between matter in potency and act and the universal forms which appear in the corporeal world. In modern philosophy the physical world which is investigated by natural science is assumed to be co-terminus with material reality as if it could account for corporeal objects without the necessary ontological jump required. There is no explanation for the difference between for example that chair over there and the arche-typical or universal corporeal entity referred to as “chair” which has an essence, nature or quiddity characterized by “chairness.” Modern philosophy has no explanation for the universal/transcendent nature of corporeal objects, instead assuming that they are thoughts or ideas belonging to the subject (man) as in continental idealism. For more background please see William A. Wallace. The Modeling of Nature: Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Nature in Synthesis. (Washington D.C.: Catholic University of America Press, 1996), pp. 157-189, particularly p. 159; William A. Wallace, O P. The Elements of Philosophy: A Compendium for Philosophers and Theologians (New York: Alba House, 1977), pp. 58-64, 80-83, & 145; Thomas Aquinas. Summa theologiae Ia-IIae, q. 94, a.3: “Since the rational soul is man’s proper form, he has a natural tendency (naturalis inclination) to act according to reason that is to say according to virtue”.
[15] Descartes no doubt inadvertently, began the Divinization of man through his “turn to the subject” which was then developed in different ways by other modern philosopher’s e.g. Emanuel Kant’s idealism, Hume's empiricism etc.
[16] Other persuasive proofs exist including the re-worked Kalam Cosmological proof of William Lane Craig or the Ontological proof of St. Anselm. Anthony Flew the famous atheist was converted to Theism through the consideration of the high degree of “fine-tuning” which has been discovered to exist in the physical constants of the universe which represent a kind of modern Teleological (Design) proof similar to the proof of William Paley’s Divine watchmaker.
[17] The preaching of the Gospel worldwide, the universal Apostasy, the increase in natural disasters including severe weather patterns, earthquakes, famines, pestilences, wars, rumors of wars, wickedness and hardening of the hearts of men, persecution for the faith. The conversion of the Jews does not take place until after the appearance of Anti-Christ.

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