Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cable News Talking Heads: Why Such Horrendous Crimes?

By: Dr. J. P. Hubert

I noticed that the former Headline News "HLN" a sister network to CNN has reformatted its content recently. The latest iteration is called "HLN News and Issues." At night the network presents 2 similar shows in succession, hosted by 2 women respectively each of whom have hour long programs.

The first is Jane Velez Mitchell a self-professed recovering alcoholic attorney and former Celebrity Justice personality who spends most evenings railing against the unending parade of domestic violence and murder cases which she showcases each night. She is routinely assisted by a panel of guests including lawyers, mental health professionals and law enforcement officers. Understandably, Velez-Mitchell is particularly bothered by all of the violence which is currently being perpetrated against women and children. There seems to be a very feminist bias to her commentary however.

The second woman is Nancy Grace, a former Prosecutor turned talk-show host who nightly delivers a steady diet of murder, violence and kidnapping cases which usually follow the current news quite closely. Grace also employs a panel of experts heavily represented by Prosecuting and Defense attorneys and other Law Enforcement and Mental Health Professionals. In many ways the programs are similar in content and topics although Grace seems to be a bit more theatrical and caustic to her own guests and experts. Velez-Mitchell who is more polite to guests is quite dramatic in expressing her outrage over the horrendous nature of much of what she covers.

The interesting thing to me has been the fact that both women especially Velez-Mitchell seem truly perplexed about how to explain what appears to be a marked increase in terrible crimes especially those involving spouses, children and families. The various psychological/psychiatric experts all attempt to offer explanations but none to date have tumbled to what is decidedly a spiritual aspect or component of the rising crime problem they are witnessing. Rather, they look completely to naturalistic/secular explanations for what is transpiring. Not once to my knowledge have either of the hosts included a religious "expert" among their panelists.

Traditional Roman Catholics have no difficulty understanding the likely cause of the steadily increasing and horrendous family violence problem which is occurring. It is part of the overall process of an almost total falling away (Apostasy) from the True Faith (Traditional Roman Catholicism) which has since the close of the Second Vatican Council been increasing at an impressive rate. This must be added to the Apostasy which was already underway due to the Protestant Reformation, the loss of much of Christendom to Islam and the rise of Atheism in the wake of the French and Russian Revolutions. As I have written elsewhere all of these have contributed to the progressive loss of the social Kingship of Christ. The result of losing

"the social Kingship of Christ--and with it Christendom's hindering effect over evil--has been the creation of a plethora of civil laws throughout the formerly Christian world which are antithetical to the Divine Law of Christ (abortion, contraception, in-vitro fertilization, surrogate pregnancy, physician assisted suicide, destructive embryo research, legalized sodomy, gay 'marriage' etc). Is it any wonder then that there exists almost complete moral anarchy where once there was the great Judeo-Christian ethic? Unfortunately, the conciliar popes through their embrace of neo-modernism have facilitated rather than help retard the emergence of global evil and the eventual appearance of Antichrist."

Some readers may be outraged to hear that the conciliar popes and Vatican hierarchy have (whether purposely or through malfeasance) helped bring about increasing amounts of global evil. As I have written elsewhere the conclusion seems unavoidable that the traditional restraining or hindering effect of the Roman Catholic Church over evil has largely been removed.

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