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The Devil's Final Battle: How the Current Rejection of the Message of Fatima Causes the Present Crisis in the Church and the World


I have just finished reading The Devil's Final Battle: How the Current Rejection of the Message of Fatima Causes the Present Crisis in the Church and the World edited and compiled by Father Paul Kramer. It is an excellent resource on the subject of the Fatima Apparitions and the history of intrigue which has surrounded them. I wholeheartedly recommend that readers obtain copies of this book and study everything which is contained therein very carefully. The book's major conclusions can be cross-checked with other published sources especially those which are listed in the "Recommended Works" section of this site which refer to prophecy and Apostasy in the Catholic Church.

I found it quite remarkable that there is a real consistency to all of the "Recommended Works" in which it is predicted that a universal Apostasy will be experienced in the Church which shall begin at the top. Vatican II and its tragic aftermath have certainly been a disaster from the perspective of liturgy, theology and practice, one which was predicted in advance in multiple prophesies as well as in Sacred Scripture e.g. (Matt 24: 4-5, 11). [It seems apparent that until the Roman Catholic Church returns to the Traditional faith and praxis including the Tridentine Latin Mass of St. Pius V, the problems in the Church and the World will not abate]. I was literally amazed that Pope Pius XII made a statement (prior to his becoming Pope while still serving as Vatican Secretary of State and before Sister Lucy had committed the third secret to paper) that is almost identical in its description of a situation we currently find ourselves in. In the book the following quote from Pope Pius XII appears:

"I am worried by the Blessed Virgin's messages to Lucy of Fatima. The persistence of Mary about the dangers which menace the Church is a divine warning against the suicide of altering the Faith, in Her liturgy, Her theology and her soul....I hear all around me innovators who wish to dismantle the Sacred Chapel destroy the universal flame of the Church, reject Her ornaments and make Her feel remorse for Her historical past."

"A day will come when the civilized world will deny its God, when the Church will doubt as Peter doubted. She will be tempted to believe that man has become God. In our churches, Christians will search in vain for the red lamp where god awaits them. Like Mary Magdalene, weeping before the empty tomb, they will ask, 'Where have they taken Him?'"
(The Devil's Final Battle, Kramer p. 34)

Kramer and others convincingly establish that the most tragic developments which have befallen Our Lady's Fatima Messages have occurred since the death of Pope Pius XII after which Sister Lucy (the last remaining living Fatima seer) was effectively gagged by the Vatican hierarchies of multiple conciliar popes. This began under John XXIII who did so almost immediately upon assuming the Papacy. After reading the third secret (which after having been written on a single sheet of paper and inserted into a sealed envelope by Sister Lucy in 1944, was hand-carried to the Vatican in 1957 and placed in the Papal apartment of Pope Pius XII) John XXIII refused to disclose the message; maintaining that it did not refer to his pontificate. This was despite the fact that Our Lady specifically directed Sister Lucy to reveal the message no later than 1960 when its contents would become more clear. Note, John XXIII announced the Second Vatican Council in 1959 and that it did not actually begin until late 1962. Had he done as directed by Our Lady, the Council might never have occurred and the trouble of the past 50 years might have been avoided.

Another extremely interesting fact of which I was not aware is that in 1967 Paul VI (who followed John XXIII) directed a known free-mason (Cardinal Jean Villot) to radically alter the structure and function of the Roman Curia so as to lessen the power of the Pope while placing the administration of the Curia under the control of the Vatican Secretary of State. The re-organization included placing the CDF (Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, [the former Holy Office] which in the past had been reportable to the Pope alone)--under the direct control of the Secretary of State while also giving the CDF it own Cardinal Prefect.

In a highly controversial decision, the Second Vatican Council decided not to confront communism directly--in exchange for Moscow agreeing to send Orthodox prelates to the Council. This arrangement was at the behest of John XXIII. Almost immediately after the Curial re-organization of 1967, a drastic change was made in policy whereby the Vatican began to engage in dialogue with Communist dictator's/nations rather than continuing to oppose them as they had in the past. This was per order of the Vatican Secretary of State who had assumed a level of power which exceeded that of the Pope. In addition, the Fatima message was from that time on either suppressed or falsified. The new Vatican Ostpolitik in force from that point on found the Fatima message which called for the consecration of Russia to be politically unpalatable.

Since the inception of the Second Vatican Council the conciliar Vatican has evinced no intention of abiding by the wishes of Our Lady of Fatima which included a Papal consecration of Russia specifically (not the entire world which has been done on more than one occassion) to her Immaculate Heart in conjunction with all the Bishops of the world on the same day. This has never been done despite the fact that the Holy See claims that it has. Moreover, the messages of Fatima are completely orthodox, verified by the "Miracle of the Sun" and accepted by multiple Popes as genuine while many of the teachings of Vatican II are heterodox including its failure to forcefully oppose Communism.

As of June 26, 2000, the Conciliar Vatican in a special Communiqué announced that it was finally disclosing the remaining information on the Third Secret of Fatima--stating that the secret referred only to the attempted assassination of John Paul II (in the Fatima vision however, the Pope was actually murdered by soldiers) and that everything in the Fatima Apparitions belonged to the past (that which was not the figment of Sister Lucy's imagination according to Cardinal Ratzinger).

The figures who appeared prominently in the falsification of June 2000 Communiqué were then Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger Prefect of the CDF (now Benedict XVI), Vatican Secretary of State Angelo Cardinal Sodano, Archbishop Bertone (Secretary of the CDF) and Dario Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos Prefect of the Congregation of the Clergy. Their disclosures contradicted virtually everything that Sister Lucy has said in the past about the Messages of Fatima including the allegation that the consecration of Russia was accomplished in 1984 which prior to June 2000 she had always denied.

Cardinal Bertone apparently had a 2 hour closed meeting with Sister Lucy prior to the Communiqué for which no tape recording or other written record apparently exists. He failed to ask--if such a meeting occurred at all--any of the pertinent questions which continued to be outstanding at the time. The entire circumstances are highly suspect. The Cardinal claimed that Sister Lucy as of the year 2000 in a complete reversal of all prior statements agreed that heaven had accepted the Consecration of the World in 1984 rather than the specific consecration of Russia which was requested by Our Lady. This idea is patently ridiculous since Russia was never mentioned by name and the world's Bishops did not participate in the consecration of 1984.

Unfortunately, it has become apparent that Cardinal Bertone and the others involved have attempted to foist a lie upon the Catholic faithful. If the consecration really occurred in 1984 the conversion of Russia to Catholicism has not occurred as would have been expected. Furthermore, there has been nothing but war ever since, not the period of peace which Our Lady promised would follow the Consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart.

There are many other interesting and persuasive pieces of information which can be gleaned from reading this book which shed light on the current crisis in the Church and the world. Please consider buying a copy.

Dr. J. P. Hubert

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