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The 917 Code of Canon Law Versus 1983 Substitute

Editor's NOTE:

I just received a copy of the 1917 Pio-Benedictine Code of Canon Law (English Translation with Extensive Scholarly Apparatus) by Dr. Edward N. Peters, Curator, Ignatius Press. He is an American trained civil lawyer and a Canon Lawyer as well.

Having just obtained my copy, I have no comments about it so far, but in the interim I include this short snippett below from Mr. Hutton Gibson who has written extensively on the subject of Canon Law. Included is a link to his web site where the interested reader can find the remainder of his article. I recommend reading it in its entirety.

--Dr. J. P. Hubert

The 917 Code of Canon Law Versus 1983 Substitute

By: Hutton Gibson

The Second Vatican Council could not impose innovation in the presence of the 1917 Code of Canon Law. So this Code was ignored and suspended while a friendlier code was fabricated by a commission that slithered to the hasty beat of a diffident drummer. Under the pretext of updating, faithless experts dropped or modified every law inconsistent with implementation of innovations of the Second Vatican Council or its omnipresent “spirit.”

Only a few laws remained, so the experts filled the gaps with piously poetic, modernist (heretical) concepts, needed only to enshrine innovation into law. Should anyone question an absurdity, he can be shown that it is the law of the Church.

This tactic is demonstrated often and at length in substitution of terms and definitions, which are short and to the point in the 1917 Code. In the canon laws on the sacraments you can see the initial definition (Canon 731) replaced in the 1983 joke with an irrelevant essay (canons 840-841) bearing little or no resemblance to law. MORE...

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