Saturday, August 15, 2009

Modern Philosophy Undermines the Genuine Goal of Humanity

By: Dr. J. P. Hubert

St. Thomas Aquinas is the only philosopher in history who ever produced a completely workable/functional philosophical system which was not inherently contradictory.

This is not to say that his philosophy is easy to put into practice because it is not. It is difficult. However, it is true and modern philosophy is false. St. Thomas was able to take the best of pagan (Greek and Roman) philosophy and combine it with Catholic Christian philosophy/theology based on the input of Divine Revelation and combine it successfully in the form of the Aristotelian/Thomistic synthesis.

Many philosophers throughout history have attempted to produce a complete philosophical system--what today we refer to as "Worldview" made up of epistemology (theory of truth), metaphysics (theory of reality) and morality (theory of right and wrong). Virtually all have failed with the exception of St. Thomas. That is why prior to the second Vatican council, the Roman Catholic Church held the philosophy of St. Thomas in such high regard--it literally was the philosophy of the Roman Catholic Church.

All that changed after the council which adopted the largely incoherent amalgam of disparate beliefs known as modern philosophy. The latter are not only contradictory, they do not have the authentic/genuine good of man (salvation and the beatific vision, [Sumum Bonum) as their goal. Instead thy deify man by making him a false god accountable only to himself. This leads to terrible struggles in this life and potentially--a loss of salvation in the next. The former is amply demonstrated every day and yet modern philosophy continues to rule unchallenged by the elites who benefit from it and who control what passes for public discourse.

It is impossible to cure or lessen the ills of this world without a repudiation of modern philosophy and a re-institution of Aristotelian/Thomistic philosophy. It is also undeniable that since the Roman Catholic Church abandoned Thomism in the wake of Vatican II, the world has markedly deteriorated especially from a moral perspective. The authentic Roman Catholic faith needs to once again embrace Thomistic teaching. Until it does, the global moral/political environment will continue to worsen.

Whether the world could ever re-embrace Thomism without there being a total repudiation of Vatican II and a world-wide reintroduction of the Tridentine Latin Mass by the Catholic Church is extremely doubtful. The issue is not simply one of proper worship of God or accurate doctrinal teaching of the faith but also of the foundational underlying philosophical precepts which must be present in way of explaining the natural realm (philosophy of nature) as a preparation to understanding the revelatory aspects of the true faith. It is ultimately both a philosophical and a theological problem. For these reasons, this site discusses the Creed (doctrinal) and Cult (worship) aspects and my companion site; Moral Philosophy and Current Events covers the Code--moral philosophical implications HERE....

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