Wednesday, August 26, 2009

THE "NEW MASS": The Dishonoring of Mary

"...I cannot emphasize strongly enough that the ultimate purpose of all the sacrileges, the trickery, the lawlessness, the discord, and the scandal in religion, as well as of the overthrow of governments, the terrorism, the cruelties, the imprisonments, the murders, and the ruin of souls in the social realm, which are the stock and trade of the Revolution - the ultimate purpose of them all, I say, is the everlasting blasphemy of the sweet Name of Jesus, the God-Man. For the doctrine which inspires in Revolutionaries the most unmitigated hatred and provokes all their audacious perversities is that of His sacred divinity. Once you become aware of this fact, you will be able to comprehend the (poorly) disguised intentions of the 'New Mass,' (Novus Ordo Missae) and, to be sure, of the whole drive for 'renewal' (Vatican II) in the Church.

Now, according to the logic of the Revolution, Mary must at every opportunity be slighted and ignored, and if possible, reviled. It goes without saying that the Revolutionaries cannot endure her presence she being the Immaculate One and they being interiorly depraved. It would suit the purpose of the Revolution if we would do either one of two things: on the one hand, forget all about Mary - cease to pray to her or sing her praises; or, on the other, give her divine worship. Either error will deflect from the glory which she shares with and the love she inspires for her divine Son and will serve well enough. It is a lamentable fact that many will tolerate greater insolence towards Her Son than towards her. They will rise to her defense with admirable courage; whereas they will participate with docility and in some cases with enthusiasm in the unspeakable Insult to Her Son which is the 'New Mass.' Nothing could displease her more. Her place at Mass has been usurped and her fervent votaries should have noticed it (not that she would ever attend the Spectacle). But if anyone has, through the centuries always been thought to 'preside' at the Eucharistic Sacrifice of Her Son, it is she, just as she did on Calvary."

--Fr. James F. Wathen, O.S.J. The Great Sacrilege MORE...

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