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Formation of a New World Order and the Anti-Christic Cabal--Continued

By: Dr. J. P. Hubert

It is difficult to imagine how the neo-Modernists who gained control of the Second Vatican Council were able to persuade Traditionalist Prelates that the Roman Catholic Church should be accommodated to the modern world. The very idea should have made them shudder. After all, the Church Fathers and many orthodox members of the Roman hierarchy throughout the centuries were well aware from Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition that a world-wide apostasy would eventually occur, (2 Thess. 2: 3, Luke 18: 8). Even worse, they were warned by the previous generation of orthodox popes including St. Pius X and Leo XIII about the dangers of Modernism which Pius X labeled the synthesis of all heresies.

Moreover, there was the relatively recent history of the Protestant schism and the Catholic Counter-Reformation which should have served as a potent reminder of how dangerous even a small bit of heresy can be. Yet, the entire episcopacy after only a paltry protestation acquiesced to the wishes of John XXIII and Paul VI without anyone of them demanding that either the Council Fathers defend their conciliar creation or that John XXIII/Paul VI defend it against obvious heresy. If not then, why not when Paul VI first began to experiment with the Mass? So why did they fail? It remains inexplicable.

To this writer, the fact that the revolution was accomplished so easily proves its demonic origin. The shear scope of the kind of coordination required to destroy almost 2000 years of orthodox teaching and the Traditional Latin Mass makes one pause in wonder yet trepidation. That is why it seems necessary to hypothesize that the death of Pope Pius XII marked the rupture, separation line or division between the Traditional Roman Catholic Church of Jesus Christ and the seemingly counterfeit conciliar church currently occupying the Vatican. From 1958 on, anything truly Catholic has been degraded or destroyed (veneration of the Virgin Mary and the Saints, the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, preaching about the devil, Hell and Purgatory, any sense of the sacred in the "new Mass" etc.).

On the assumption that the New World Order (NWO) is becoming realized through a coalescing of the conciliar church with the ruling global secular power structure,
reason alone would dictate that traditional Catholics must be on the lookout for increasing signs of anti-Christic activity. If the active building of the NWO is really occurring, there should be more and more not less evidence of it--discoverable by empirical means.

Given the power of modern computer software, the internet, mass communication etc., Traditional Catholics who are aware that increasing evidence of a growing NWO/Anti-Christic Cabal--must usher in the final eschatological sequence—clearly have the tools to detect this activity. For example, there should be enhanced cooperation between the conciliar church and the world-wide secular power structure, synergistic activities between the conciliar church and the United Nations, the World Bank, WTO, and IMF etc. The increasing concentration of the world's wealth and natural resources into the hands of fewer and fewer people is clearly useful to the further building of the NWO. Globalization in the economic, trade, manufacturing realms all contribute to the further construction of the NWO.

Apropos the above, Benedict XVI recently wrote an encyclical which comes dangerously close to placing the conciliar church completely at the behest and service of the NWO. His most recent encyclical, Caritas in Veritate, although it can certainly be interpreted in a variety of ways is as ambiguous as all the other conciliar documents. However, Benedict’s new statement on the need for a global economic entity to come into being in order to properly disperse the earth’s resources is worrisome. Given the conciliar heterodoxy in general, such an entity would not likely be infused with Traditional Catholic principles and could thus serve as one more building block for the anti-Christic NWO. For a different view which suggests that Benedict's recommendations are compatible with Catholic Distributism see THIS...

The post-Vatican II initiative to develop a kind of least common denominator generic Christianity through the replacement of the Tridentine Latin Mass of St. Pius V with the ecumenical Novus Ordo service, has gone a long way toward creating a heterodox world-wide religion. More astoundingly, heterodox conciliar theologians have taught that non-Christians and non-Theists can be saved without converting to Catholicism simply by allegedly having the “seeds” of the Word within them. This of course is pure heresy in light of over 1900 years of Roman Catholic Church teaching. Note also that Benedict XVI has allowed non-Catholics to receive communion in very public settings. More amazingly, John Paul II had public worship services which even included non-Theists (Animist’s and other pagan entities).

It is especially noteworthy that the conciliar popes have been extremely complimentary of Islam as well despite the obvious differences between it and Traditional Roman Catholicism (Islam denies the Trinity, the virginal conception through the power of the Holy Ghost and birth of Christ, as well as His divinity)[If General Revelation was complete with the death of the last Apostle as is taught in traditional Roman Catholicism, what could possibly explain the existence of Islam based as it is on the alleged direct reception by the prophet Mohamed of the word of God from the Angel Gabriel]? If the goal is to create a one-world religion, the “papering over” of these differences would be extremely helpful.

Similarly, the conciliar church has failed to teach clearly and unabashedly that modern Judaism is a false religion and that individual Jews must convert to Roman Catholicism in order to be saved. The conciliar legitimization of Judaism and other non-mono-Theistic religions by recent popes also contributes to the one world counterfeit religion which is predicted in Sacred Scripture.

The recent SSPX Bishop Williamson affair demonstrates the degree to which the conciliar church has become overly concerned with worldly matters. Rather than chastise the so-called “catholic” theologians and prelates for their obviously dissident speeches, writings and comments, the Vatican has done nothing for 50 years to those who are guilty of obvious heresy and apostasy many of whom have destroyed the faith of tens of thousands if not more. The only individuals or groups which the conciliar Vatican seems to be willing to criticize are those who attempt to profess and follow Traditional orthodox Catholicism.

A recent example is the attempted disciplinary action of Bishop Williamson who made what was clearly a secular comment--albeit inartfully--having nothing to do with Catholic teaching per se. This demonstrates the degree to which the conciliar church has become totally infused with the spirit of the age through the kind of “political correctness” which has come to define the secular worldview. The fact that Bishop Williamson is a member of the SSPX which is critical of the Novus Ordo Missae and the novel teachings of the conciliar church cannot go unnoticed. Would that someone like Hans Kung, Karl Rahner or Ives Congar--neo-modernists all--been subjected to the kind of derision reserved for Bishop Williamson.

John Paul II and Benedict XVI have anthropomorphized the conciliar church by constantly referring to the inherent dignity of man without stressing the Traditional Roman Catholic teaching that any dignity that man has is derivative not original--arising as it does from the fact that man is created in the image of the triune God (Imago-Dei). Modern philosophy which has completely overtaken the conciliar church virtually deifies man and deprecates the divine. By their constant anthropomorphizing, the conciliar popes have contributed to the modern denial of transcendence in general and the existence of an all-powerful and immutable God in particular. This tendency contributes to the anti-Christic NWO—the growing “cult of man” that is such an integral part of the apostate one-world government/religious complex.

No human being can know the future absent special divine revelation. However, all well instructed Christians are aware of those things which must transpire near the end of the age prior to the second coming of Christ in glory, e.g. (Matt. 24: 4-44). We have been instructed to test everything retaining what is good (1 Thess. 5: 21) and we are to evaluate the metaphorical tree (the Church) by its fruits. A good tree can not bear bad fruit. A bad tree can not produce good fruit. By their fruits we shall know them Christ said (Matt. 7: 15-16). He has told us that we must watch and be ready for we do not know the exact time of his appearing even though we may know the season (1 Thess. 5: 1, 4) Christ also taught that there will be birth pains prior to the Great Tribulation (Matt. 24: 4-8) and that a universal apostasy (Matt. 24: 5, 10-11, 1 Tim. 4: 1-2, Luke 18:8) and the appearance of an actual human Antichrist must precede His Parousia (2 Thess 2: 3-4, 9).

As I have written in another post, all of the signs which must precede the appearance of the Antichrist seem to be present HERE.... Obviously, our current period in time may not be the birth pains referred to in Sacred Scripture and the post-Vatican II period the universal Apostasy; perhaps the global natural disasters (earthquakes, famines, pestilences etc.) are not yet severe enough to represent the prelude to the Great Tribulation. Only God knows. It would be extremely foolish to dismiss the possibility however since our present circumstances seem to be inexplicable if this is not the beginning of the eschatological sequence. Our best course as always is to keep the orthodox faith of the Apostles and Church Fathers (2 Thess. 2: 15, 1 Tim. 4: 16; 6: 12,14-15) while we remain alert, sober and watchful (Matt. 24: 36,42,44; 25: 13, Luke 21: 36)--being prepared to sacrifice even our lives should that be required of us (Luke 21: 16).

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