Thursday, May 8, 2008

God made pre-humans into people, Vatican newspaper says

By Carol Glatz
Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- While apes evolved naturally into pre-human creatures, it was the will and desire of God that turned them into humans, an article in the Vatican newspaper said.

"The formation of human beings necessitated a particular contribution by God, though it remains that their emergence was brought about by natural causes" of evolution, it said.

The article, published in the May 5-6 edition of L'Osservatore Romano, was written by Italian evolutionary biologist Fiorenzo Facchini.

The article said that, "when the biological conditions necessary for supporting a being capable of reflective thought were attained, the will of God, the creator, freely desired it, and man came to be."

The article posed the question: Does this mean that humans evolved from chimpanzees?

"No, it might be better to say that at some point God willed a spark of intelligence to light up in the mind of a nonhuman hominid and thus came into existence the human as a being, as a subject capable of thought and the ability to decide freely," it said.

So rather than picturing it as humans descending from the apes, it said, humans ascended or rose up from the animal kingdom to a higher level, thanks to the hand of God.

As Pope Benedict XVI wrote in 1968 when he was Father Joseph Ratzinger, God wanted to create a being that could know him and be able to turn to him, the article said.

The emergence of the human is neither a casual or accidental event, nor is it something that was "strictly necessary," demanded by God or the evolutionary process, it said.

Evolution could have ended at the pre-human stage, it said, but thanks to "the free choice of God," humans emerged from their pre-human ancestors.

This divine intervention "does not represent an unwarranted intrusion (of theology) in the field of science -- as is the case with intelligent design -- but is called for in order to explain the presence of man's spirit" which cannot come from or evolve out of the material world, the article said.

The movement from being a creature of the animal and physical world to also the spiritual was a gift from God "even if it came at the end of a natural process of evolution," it said.


Note: Very crafty language (they think) there, with all the nice pious touches; truly worthy of the contempt of all faithful Catholics and true men of the (real, hard) sciences. We find a true gnosis at work in this oracle:

"God willed a spark of intelligence to light up in the mind of a nonhuman hominid and thus came into existence the human as a being".

So God created the "non-human," the "prehuman," not "man" as attested in sacred scripture. This "spark of the mind," which intelligence is nowhere evident in such a statement, is a long way from home, the living immortal soul which we must by all means save, and which is taught in sacred scripture and tradition.

But we see more: "humans ascended or rose up from the animal kingdom to a higher level...".

Ascended...rose... What a (new and imaginative) faith, granting the wishful premises of "the scientific community" but not the ends! Not even in a time when Darwin himself has been all but scrapped (except as inspiration) by the scientists themselves, having been proven so wrong at so many levels, necessitating so many radical revisions, dying the death of a thousand (nay, more!) qualifications...

But then again scientism can't lose, for as with all lies, it doth spin and spin and spin---and how shall the little layman know? The poor Vatican. It is as if one need simply put the Modernist conception of "God" (read: Mysterious Process) in front of anything metaphysical which the oracle "scientists" (who fake at being "empiricists") place at the top of their Credo and the Modernist sycophants will bow and adore. No need for mystery here, not even in the face of the immensity of Creation. The new Gnostic's will "explain" it all... soon enough!

"This divine intervention 'does not represent an unwarranted intrusion (of theology) in the field of science -- as is the case with intelligent design'.

Ah! So much then for Intelligent Design as we have come to know it. One fell swoop! No 'intrusions' allowed! Classic Modernism.

The last I heard the Vatican's competence did not extend to the secular epistemology of what passes for science these days, much less paleontology; and, to say the very least, it is unseemly in the extreme for Churchmen (unless they are looking for applause) to pronounce on such wildly speculative matters as if it were part of the Creed. For too long now we have watched the present occupants in Rome pronouncing on what they should not ---and failing to pronounce on what they ought.

Which, of course, is suggestive that the real aim in all of this is to supplant one philosophy---employing the requisite pious language of course---with another: namely to oust St. Thomas and Being (Exo. 3:14) for Teilhard and becoming. This will not surprise any who read Henri De Lubac's apologetic for his friend Teilhard decades ago (and of course De Lubac was given the red hat by JPII). Vatican II was of, by and for Teilhard's world view, top to bottom, which is why it is crumbling together with that world view---infuriating ideologues like Richard Dawkins and based on a million unprovable conjectures and a robust faith---as must all who oppose St. Thomas; because for Thomas facts and reason mattered, and true facts are deduced from true facts, while, for the rest, flights of imagination (labeled "paradigm shifts" Ha!)reveal their puniness; hubris is a puniness by definition, and that "a little error in the beginning [must become here as everywhere] a great error in the end".

Though by subscribing to the globalist club metaphysics and alternative grand narratives, the Vatican thinks it might become more acceptable to the other globalist ruling powers, it is a sad, tragic affair, and we are left simply to watch with more than a little interest the horrific spectacle of apostasy as error (which must always fall of its own weight) and credulity makes fools of these very (confused or conniving?) popes of Vatican II, pronouncing on what they know not. But how it all dovetails so nicely with Vatican II's (and specifically Joseph Ratzinger's long espoused) evolution of dogma.

In any case, we can safely add this new imaginative mountain range of Darwinian conjectures and faith to the Vatican II New Age Creed even as we expose, curse and condemn it as we would any other who tried to murder our mother. Thieves come only to rob and kill, whatever the rationale.

While faithful Catholics are keen to the differences between genuime hard science and that bastard child "scientism, ideologues will ever be impervious to facts and reason. All that matters for them is the agenda, i.e., who is "in" and who is "out".---Stephen Hand


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