Sunday, May 4, 2008

Pope John Paul II on Protestant/Catholic Practice

Pope John Paul II said on numerous occasions that it is better to be a good Protestant than a bad Catholic. If the perennial Roman Catholic teaching-- outside the Roman Catholic Church subservient to the Roman Pontiff there is no salvation--is true, how does his statement make sense? What could Pope John Paul II have meant by this statement unless Vatican II fundamentally altered the perennial Catholic teaching; "The Roman Catholic Church is the Church of Christ"?

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What/Where is the Roman Catholic Church?

In light of Traditional Catholic dogma/doctrine, how should the Second Vatican Council be viewed ? Is it consistent with Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and prior Magisterial teaching?

What explains the tremendous amount of "bad fruit" which has been forthcoming since the close of the Council in 1965? “By their fruits you shall know them” (Matt. 7:16)

This site explores these questions and more in an attempt to place the Second Vatican Council in proper perspective.