Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Why so Much Lack of Clarity on Homosexuality?

Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture are completely clear and concise that homosexual activity is gravely sinful!

It is extremely difficult to resolve the unwillingness of the Conciliar Church to confront homosexuality in the Catholic Priesthood with what was always and everywhere taught by the church--homosexual practice cannot be condoned--plain and simple. To teach otherwise now is to revoke the law of non-contradiction or to engage in language deconstruction.

If it is true that up to half the "Catholic" Priesthood in the United States is either actively homosexual (practicing) or positively predisposed to same--is this an effect of the Conciliar changes with respect to faith and morals, a cause of those changes or an unrelated fact?

A great deal of anecdotal data strongly suggest that the Second Vatican Council represents a kind of turning point--after which Catholic seminaries in the United States became sympathetic to homosexual inclination if not outright practice. It is difficult to account for such a radical change other than through a titanic alteration in faith and morals the nature of which seems intuitively to require the kind of "New Theology" promulgated in the wake of Vatican II.

The most recent Vatican pronouncement on homosexuality in the Priesthood departs from Tradition in seeming to encourage if not sanction the ordination of males who have had a known inclination to either engage in homosexual relations in the past or those who have been attracted to same in more than a passing way. The language selected by the Holy See is ambiguous to say the least. A candidate is only discouraged if there has been a deep-seated and chronic habitual practice of homosexual activity. There is a great deal of room for interpretation especially in light of the fact that young candidates have not had sufficient time to develop a chronic or habitual practice of homosexual acts in many cases due to their age or living arrangements. The fact that so many US seminaries are openly hostile to heterosexual candidates while openly accepting and encouraging of blatantly effeminate males is symptomatic of the severe derangement which now exists.

One cannot help but wonder whether the current sexual crisis in the Catholic Church with regard to homosexual abuse of post-pubescent males by Priests and Bishops is but a symptom of a much larger reality--the homosexualization of the Priesthood--an obvious reflection of the post-Conciliar abandonment of Traditional morality as perennially taught by the pre-Conciliar Catholic Church.

This is a problem which must be addressed head-on by the Holy See in order not to be seen as secretly condoning the problem. Pope Benedict XVI failed to properly respond to the obvious "elephant in the room" during his recent visit here choosing instead to "address it at another time." Catholics of good will now await his definitive disciplinary handling of this terrible blight on the Church of Christ--unfortunately, long overdue.

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